About Us

In 2010, JPyramid switched its entire focus to Artificial Intelligent and IOT enabled commercial solutions underpinned by over 15 years of data engineering expertise on how to leverage big and real-time data.  Initially our teams were involved in networked sensor monitoring, we have matured to mission-critical cloud based solutions incorporating edge sensors, unified communication and ever-evolving protocols.  We have grown an expertise in scalability and, robustness which address the need for solutions that are capable of coping with millions of device messages per day.


We have a strong focus on R&D through partnership. Our research with emerging tech, market and social trends has led to active investment in Virtual and Augmented reality for the purpose of visualisation, reporting and education/training.  SIRIUS-325, JPyramid’s proprietary engineered ‘AI in a Box’ product, allows companies to accelerate their development and deployment of AI for business benefit.  We have devised and implemented successful workflows to manage the important differences between Data Engineering and Data Science to ensure that your people are focused on delivering business benefit and not research initiatives that become shelf-ware.


We are finding that companies are increasingly frustrated at the length of time it takes to deploy AI enabled products and services.  Through our continued partnership with both business and leading universities we are providing an authoritative voice to deploy AI and Big Data enabled solutions.  We are at the forefront of  directing  major asset companies to visualise their assets and processes as they contend with the variability caused by mass customisation and mass production.  We maintain our technology frontier thought leadership by building relationships with startups, unicorn technology companies  and tech-leading Universities. Our work is guided and influenced by our smart data AI & Big Data framework that addresses Data Ingestion & Security; Machine Learning & AI; Lean Process Engineering; and Sophisticated Visualisations.


Our Mission


Making sense of a sensor-driven data world. We are stewards for businesses concerned with continuous improvement with a focus on the integration of big data across their business processes. We help navigate the complex maze of work variability caused by mass customisation and mass industrialisation.


Ability to design and build the end to end process whether on-premise, in the cloud, or across clouds – in order to run analytics algorithms and visualise the data and results.


Know-how to harvest and manage ‘big data’, practice machine and deep learning, reduce your compute costs by as much as 50%, and make the change happen that allows your products to self-learn and self-heal through the wisdom of data and sensors.


Accelerate your workforce from multiple-levels of experience to one level – expert.



JPyramid has an extensive history of working with companies to architect next generation services,
to up-skill and train their talent and to leverage emerging technologies that differentiate them from their competitors.

AI Consultancy

JPryamid, have over 18 years of data engineering, agile, and software engineering in complex business environments.  This is an essential ingredient to your successful use of data science as your teams grapple with how to cope with a fast streaming of variable form data, with data science models that need to process, reinforce their learning from, and interact with a demanding and constant stream of data. We are supremely suited to reveal how your business will (avert the steep slope of the AI hype curve) and instead turn Machine and Deep learning into a profound transformational opportunity.


AI Training

Artificial Intelligence, in particular Machine Learning and Deep Learning, are providing real business value to those organizations that have the discipline and experience of working with big data and fast data streaming.  JPyramid is working with FTSE 100 businesses and scale-outs to harness the self-learning and superior anomaly detection capabilities of AI to provide unparalleled interactions with your customers and employees.  Whether extending the life of components, embedding data science into your applications, or optimizing your product deliveries we have the teams that will ensure that your focus is on the realization of business value in agile and accelerated sprints and not a science project.  We are intent on transferring this new skill set to your workforce as we believe that business acumen coupled with AI is the best and fastest route to business differentiation.  

We have formulated a series of tried-and-tested training programmes that will take your staff from foundational data engineering to accomplished data scientist.  Our classroom has been configured to operate at our educational facilities are on-site at our clients.  This provides for the opportunity to transition our state-of-the-art AI supercomputers from a classroom environment directly into AI and Big Data Projects which helps to embed the learning surrounded by a working context.


AI Big Data Analytics Solutions

Our expert agile teams continue to impress our clients with our ability to meet the fast pace of solution delivery required by the demands of their customers.  We are a company populated by energetic learners who embrace the new as well as safeguarding established technologies to provide cost-efficient, robust and competitor beating applications and services.

Our development teams continue to embrace and track best practices including continuous integration, continuous delivery, test driven development and the premium methods for interacting with the customer base via design thinking techniques.  We have also been thought leaders on infusing our solutions with big data and AI.


Our extensive work in the areas of Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data has culminated in state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms.

AI Supercomputer Data Engine Sirius-325

Sirius-325 is the second generation JPyramid proprietary ‘Al in a Box’ platform designed to deal with most complex Machine Learning and Deep Learning challenges for Retail, Engineering, Logistics, and Banking. The platform incorporates open source languages like Python, Java, Scala, R, and the Hadoop and Spark frameworks.  It also supports MXNet, Keras, and Tensorflow for Deep Learning tasks.   The device is a combination of CPUs, GPUs and TPUs to provide superior on-site performance and storage capacity to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Sirius-325 Specifications


For more information please send requests to info.supercomputer@jpyramid.co.uk


Data Analytics Platform

Our ‘Data Tachyon Platform’, DTP, is fast becoming the accelerator that companies are seeking to move the focus from securing resources to securing business Value.  ‘Data Tachyon Platform’ allows companies to standardise their approach to data engineering, data science and data visualisation.
The complexities of ingesting numerous data files of differing formats, the training and deployment of models, the search and use of common components and the visualisation of key data and models is automated by our platform leaving your teams to focus on the commercial problems and opportunities.

Data Tachyon Platform

For more information please send requests to info.dtp@jpyramid.co.uk

Key Initiatives

Our work in IOT, Analytics and Visualisation has become the backbone of our company.


Hype surrounds Industry 4.0

We are aiding our clients to navigate the ‘hype’ promised by implementing Industry 4.0 and AI throughout the manufacturing process and right across the distribution network reaching all the way back to the customer.  Our expertise is providing the learnings needed to confidently transition to the competitive landscape of AI & Big Data-enabled products and services.

Industry 2.0 0

Industry 3.0 0

Industry 4.0 0

Data Engineering processes with AI/ML

Ingest Data & Security

Ingest big data using a myriad of technologies hardened with security.

AI & Machine Learning

Apply AI & ML to orchestrate your data into business opportunities.

Lean Process Engineering

Adapt your processes via AI & ML interventions.

Sophisticated Visualisations

Get the right data to the right decision makers, stripping out cost and delay.

We are your Data Platform & Data Engineering Partner of Choice : with extensive experience across cloud platforms.

We will speed you through setup of your platform, data ingestion and effortless visualisations. Our accelerators (Spark, AI [TensorFlow, Keras, MXNet], Azure, Azure IOT, AWS, Hortonworks or Apache Hadoop) will quickly establish your data platform and your AI & data engineering capability so you may focus on value creation by your data science and business incubator teams. And we will provide support services throughout the journey and beyond as you require.